OP Kris with uh K. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Click at your own discretion. Living Dead actually use to be fun and awesome.

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But for some reason i felt like putting in a whole bunch of slopped together variations of the normal maps. These dumb maps are chosen by the dumb people of the internet they flock to other dumb things. What's the point of having a sloppily thrown together map with random stuff everywhere in the way with the map space being limited to. With the limited areas and the crap in the way its like voting for half of a map with terrible visibility due to the darkening filters.

Thanks for ruining Living Dead. Show More Show Less. Making it so you can't camp anymore is "dumb? Its dumb when you ruin a map. I'm sure in a zombie's apocalypse you'd be running around in the open and not camping right? Zombies in meant for camping but at least give some good maps instead of normal maps made crappy. Only people who love stat padding and unfair gameplay liked the original maps.

Why did you ruin Living Dead?

So tell me, since you know everything about zombies. How is this 3v10 fair gameplay suppose to unfold. Are the zombies suppose to be able to kill the humans right away? Or are the humans suppose to be able to hold off and fight? I don't want to play anymore half maps with the brightness at a 2 on a scale to What did you do to my beloved living dead? Living dead use to be fun! It used to be the reason I played matchmaking. Now, it just, sucks. Does anyone remember at the start of Reach? How there used to be only two gametypes? How you actually had to be good to survive?

How people kept finding different spots to try to survive? Then alpha zombies was added into the mix. It made it easier for n00bs and to camp. Then community versions of default maps were added. Books and media Novels The Fall of Reach. The Forerunner Saga Cryptum.

Halo Reach - Living Dead Tactics/Hiding Spots! (Asylum Spot Gameplay)

Hunters in the Dark. The Cradle of Life. Reference Art of Halo.

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The Art of Halo 5: Official Spartan Field Manual. The Fall of Reach. Birth of a Spartan. The universe Characters Catherine Halsey. Fireteam Osiris Jameson Locke. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Office of Naval Intelligence. Insurrectionists United Rebel Front. Technology Technological Achievement Tiers. Society and culture Languages.

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